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  1. I've read many good things about Velocity Futures and would like to hear from traders that either have or had an account with them. How would you characterize your experience with them? One feature I need is the ability to enter orders through a web browser. I understand that Velocity Futures does not offer that feature. Is that correct? I appreciate anyone who shares the experience they've had with Velocity Futures.
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    Velocity is a very good company. They offer excellent software such as x_trader and ninja trader among others.

    As far as I know there is no web front end. For that matter the only decent broker, that I know, that offers it for futures is IB.
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  4. THinkorswim has a good browser-based platform and even one that runs on an iPhone.
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    vCap is also a very good company. I did not realize j trader can run off browser.