Velocity Futures Question....

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by rjv27, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. rjv27


    I did a search and read a few posts. Generally good comments on them. I was wondering if anyone is trading with them right now and can tell me about the stability of the trading platform (X-Trader) and customer service. Any info would be helpful.

  2. chisel


    X-Trader is extremely stable...been using it w/ Velocity for about 2 yrs. nearly every day. VF support is very good...any problems I've had have always been resolved to my satisfaction. They are straight shooters in my experience.
  3. I've used Velocity and X-Trader for a couple years. Over the past year (if my memory serves me correctly), I recall 1 time where things were locked up. But it was no sweat because they have redundant servers so I simply had to shut X-Trader down, and relogin under the CME-B server. Overall, it is rock solid.

    Cust.service is good too - haven't had a need to call them really...
    I do like that they provide X-Trader free of charge as an option (but you have to pay more in commissions). I pay $5.75/roundtrip on ER2. If I want to pay $500/month for X-Trader, my commissions would drop to $3.75. I'd have to average at least 12 contracts a day for this to make sense...

    Try 'em out! Before Velocity I was with Man Financial - their PATS system (or MTrade Pro as they call it) sucks in comparison.