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  1. So I'm very brand new to futures and am considering trading ES contracts intraday (8pm thru midnight )

    I noticed that if I choose the X-Trader service that is free they charge me a little bit more commish than if I pay them $500/month for X-Trader Pro

    Is this still a good deal since I wouldn't be trading very much in the beginning of my futures trading?
  2. Velocity has a special offer of $4.73 RT all in with free X_Trader. If that is the deal you are getting then it is a good deal for a low volume trader. For a high volume trader it is better to pay the monthly fee for X_Trader.

    Note that intraday for the ES refers to the hours from 9:30 AM to 4:15 PM EDT. Even if you are a very short term trader, trading in the hours from 4:30 PM to 9:30 AM is overnight trading.
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    Velocity website says commissions for ES is $3.73 with the fee and $5.73 without the fee.

    if you go with the FEE based commissions of $3.73 then do at least 12/2 cars a day for 20 days and the fee is nullified. 20 x 25 = $500.00 saved in commissions. After 121/2 cars a day you save $2 a car

    The BEST platform out there is X-TRADER. Good Trading to ya.

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    12 1/2 cars traded a day = 250 cars traded a month, at 2$ less a car,,,,,,,,, you good to go and get x for free, charts included. Not bad at all.
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    Because i said so dipshit. :D

    There is more than speed, a lot more. Retail traders are not gonna live or die from speed. Now are they?

    Reliability, dependability etc matter a lot. But i am not going to get into a tit for tat with the usual dipshits in this forum that THINK they have all the fucking answers and have never made a dime trading.

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  6. You are not reading the CFTC FCM report correctly. As of 06/30/08 Velocity has capital of $1,025,294 more than double the Net Capital Requirement of $500,000.
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    thats correct. but look at the performance: 31.01.07 Adjusted Net Capital= 2.170.000, Excess Net Capital = 1.671.000 ----31.01.08:
    Adjusted Net Capital= 1.280.000, Excess Net Capital = 784.000 ---30.06.08:
    Adjusted Net Capital= 1.025.000, Excess Net Capital = 525.000 ---
    In my eyes thats not a sign of a healthy company....
    And be careful: VelFut is not only your IB, ut its your clearing company, holding your money....
    there are to so many safer companies around to give VelFut the money....
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    and excuse me: what are 500.000 USD (= about 350.000 Euros - )in this business....many traders have this amount of money in there account :confused:
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