Velocity futures or Rediplus

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  1. for trading Dax and ES, Velocity futures or Rediplus?

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  3. velocity futures is a FCM; rediplus is a software/trading platform.
  4. I'd say velocity and X-trader if you're doing stricltly futures, Rediplus a.k.a. Goldman is more of an equity platform, though has multi-asset capabilities, Bright and a lot of hedgies use it but I can't comment really on it.
  5. I've used both Redi and TT, and I would have to say that TT is clearly the winner when it comes to futures. not knocking Redi, but I think that Redi's primary strength is in equities and options EXECUTION (not option analytics). TT is your best bet for futures execution.

    my 0.02
  6. TT without fixed monthly costs is also better... :cool:
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    Try TransAct. Best commissions around. Free software, great cust support, speed and stability
  8. Does the REdi plus have a DOM Depth Of market for futures
  9. This what you need?

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    Can you click directly into the DOM like in X_Trader?
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