Velocity Futures or GlobalFutures

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  1. I am debating which broker to go with...i'd like to hear pros/cons from existing or former members. Also is XTrader a good platform?

    I currently have Amibroker and wondering if can use either of these with Amibroker.
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    Try Open Ecry. Great platform, service, etc. Their platform also includes real-time charts.

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    velocity is a clearing firm where global is intoducing broker. They both are good.

    X-Trader with TT feed is industry standard. The fastest execution I have seen. I heard about a new feed called zin-fire, which is supposed to be even faster, but I have never used it.

    X-Trader gets in you in and out within few hundred mili seconds.
  4. What is TT feed? and what sort of charting software does most use?

  5. I've never used Velocity but am a Global customer, have been for about 2 years. They have been excellent in every respect. Ask for Mason Ching.
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    TT stands for Trading technology. It is the company that developed -X-Trader.

    I use E-signal for charting. Another good one is TradeStation.
  7. Ok thanks. I have Amibroker currently...great for back testing, but i don't know how good it is for realtime charting.
  8. I am leaning towards Velocity because they are offering the XTrader platform free. That is good because it will allow me to slowly become accustomed to this new evironment with minimal cost i think. I believe Global Futures charges $650/mo for XTrader(?)
  9. I don't know the details of TT.
    I use Ninja, thru Global it costs me $50/mo.
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    MasonC Global Futures Exchange <br>& Trading Company

    We are also able to offer you a similar pricing structure as Velocity....X_Trader 7 with no monthly fee. Our rates are competitive to Velocity.

    Please contact me for more information.

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