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    Someone is currently trading with the "Velocity futures" with a platform "NinjaTrader"?. I would like to know your opinion about this.
    Thank you.
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    No one is currently trading with "Velocty Futures" with a platform "NinjaTrader"?. I would be grateful if your opinion about the performance of the firm and the platform.
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    Anyone help me.

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    I'd also appreciate some feedback on the above . .

    Can you use either ZenFire or TT datafeeds with NT on Velocity? Is one better than the other?

    Thanks . .
  5. I believe that Velocity uses the TT API feed for Ninja and does not have any relationship with the Zen Fire guys.

    Ninja will perform different based on the back end providing the data and orders and the messages back and forth.
  6. please expand on the subject, any examples, results, consequences ?
  7. Dale Box

    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    Correct, we offer Ninja Trader via the TT FIX adaptor.

    If anyone would like to test the feed, please send me a PM.

  8. Anyone bite on the recent velocity deal?

    all in 4.73, no fee xtrader?


    Also, anyone running xtrader, do you notice a significant hit to memory/cpu usage?
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    Here's my response to Velocity Futures and Ninjatrader using the Trading Technologies datafeed . .

    I have just opened a Velocity account with Ninjatrader. . . currently xfering accts. My contact was Dale Box (see prior posts), and thus far I have been extremely pleased by his quick responses and professionalism.

    Recently, I have been running live Tradestation, Zenfire/NT, and Velocity/TT/NT with side-by-side feeds on two indentical computers (Quads with 12mb cable). Here are my findings:

    Speed: All bars print at almost the exact same time . . no real difference. One might be a millisecond ahead from time-to-time but none stand above the others on a visual basis. Sim trades were virtually the same across platforms.

    Time/minute charts: There was no difference among the three data feeds . . various time/price charts all looked exactly the same. Indicators tested are close to identical for TS and TT (even printing same values) while indicators on Zenfire were a little bit different but only very, very slightly and only if you looked at the values.

    Tick charts: This was a very noticeable difference. All differed quite a bit but TS and Zenfire were the closest espcially on price bars. Obviously, each vendor compiles their tick charts individually. Price bars were very different for TT using ticks . . reminded me of IB where ticks are not counted unless changed. Consequently, less price bars for TT than the other two. . . thus, Velocity/TT indicators were sometimes significantly different.

    Bottom line was that if you trade ticks charts . . do your homework and compare feeds. If you trade time charts . . no real problem. I don't use volume charts so no comment.

    I have no affiliation with Velocity and have been a customer of Tradestation for about five years but they've become too unreliable and expensive for my tastes. My switch to Velocity was based on reputation and comm costs . . both I thought were top notch and very competitive. Also I preferred the NT Chart Trader to the Matrix.

    I'd recommend Velocity but then I haven't done any live trades yet so my recommendation is limited. That's my two cents . . hope it was helpful.
  10. Thanks for sharing your findings!
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