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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by DarthSidious, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. I am unable to reach customer support on phone. Getting to voice mail.

    Problem: I use Sierra Chart with VF. I am unable to login right now - getting error message "Received a logout message from the server. Reason: Unable to login to adapter 102TTFIX8: S01 is not authorized to use FIX Adapter.. Please contact your System Administrator. | 2011-09-25 17:04:38"

    I am able to login to velocity website. Everything worked fine till close of day friday - what changed? Is TT screwed up? What to do? I do not have any open positions or order - I just want live feed and (possibly) trade. Thanks
  2. RobertG


    Call TT...see if the feed is down.
  3. I am not sure how to call TT - I have no TT phone number. Also, I am not their direct customer... so not sure if that would help. I am trying to find a phone number for TT - if anyone has it, kindly post here.

    Is any VF customers able to login to their platform? Thanks.
  4. Well, I did reach TT @ 877 424 8844. They opened a support ticket for me. TT rep was SUPER HELPFUL. From what transpired during the call, he told me that the possible reason is a misconfiguration at VF's end and / or they need to restart their FIX adapter.

    It seems VF would not talk to me since I do not have a open position. That's quite helpful :(
  5. Dale Box

    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    You should have been able to get through.

    Please call me ASAP so I can find out what the problem may have been.
  6. Hi Dale,

    This sunday, 09/25, I was unable to connect to VF (using Sierra Chart)
    • I called VF as well as sent email. Called shortly after 1700 CST
    • I also called TT and they immediately opened a support ticket for me, but was unable to provide any help. They tried to contact VF as well, but was unable to
    • Both me as well as TT rep was greeted by an automated machine asking for a/c number. After the a/c number was entered, I suppose it detected no open orders or positions and sent us over to VM
    • Another mutual customer of VF & SierraChart was able to provide me a different FIX Gateway IP address. I tried that instead of the usual one I use, and was able to resolve the problem. VF in no way facilitated this
    • I got email from VF at 0600 CST on 09/26 advising me of the same IP address fix, which I already had
    Also see

    It seems established fact that a customer without open order or position would not be able to contact VF after US hours. Has that changed? If not, I can deal with that. It should just be very clear to the clients. I maintain an equally funded a/c in Interactive Brokers just for occasions like this.

    I have been very happy with VF apart from this incident. I would just like an answer to the last question in bold. Other details are really no big deal at this point.

    Thanks & regards
  7. Dale Box

    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    Hi DarthSidious,

    You're correct, from 5pmCST-11pmCST you'd need an open position or order to reach the desk by telephone.

    Best regards,
  8. What about 11pmCST onwards? When does the desk become available to all customers irrespective of open orders or positions?
  9. Dale Box

    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    11pmCST - 5pmCST sir.