Velocity Futures down?

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  1. After the login into XTrader I cannot open anything; also sometimes the Guardian beeps and disconnects or the Exchange List is fully red (unavailable) or rotating from Red to Yellow and vice-versa as they are restarting their servers.
    At my side there are no internet issues.

    Anyone is able to contact the Trade Desk?
    Obviously you cannot contact them if you have not a position on.... :mad:

    [edit: currently no login is possible].
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    I've seen the same thing its up and down all morning. Usually their service is pretty good. I notice there's no one available for live chat I guess they only keep US hours which is troubling if you trade European hours
  3. Now it's working but XStudy charts are screwed.
  4. So in case of emergency with Velocity:

    1) you can't access to the Trade Desk phone # if you have no position
    2) you can't contact the Tech Support because it's as 1)
    3) the live chat cannot help; in this moment as of 8:00 EST, no hotlink is available.
    4) there is no status of the issue at their web site.
  5. And when you do speak to them they are not the politest or brightest of people.
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    some correspondence :

    IT are still working on it, we will let everyone know once it’s back up.

    Sorry for the inconvenience
  7. jearnest

    jearnest Velocity Futures

    We have been upgrading our servers in Chicago over the past 3-day weekend, and had some issues with our upgraded servers from about 2am until 7am this morning, primarily CME and CBOT. We regularly upgrade servers every 2-3 years to increase speed.

    Due to those issues, we had to bounce all of our order sessions with the CME to restore the orders servers on the CBOT and CME gateways on all platforms.

    All service has been restored as of 7:45am.

    Thank you,

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    Thanks for staying on top of this, Jay
  9. The DOM for the ES is still not very fluid. Lots of micro pauses as price jumps up or down a tick.
  10. Jay,
    Thanks for this feedback.

    1) >>we had to bounce all of our order sessions with the CME>> why should these emergencies occur we did not receive any prompt email automatically?

    2) Traders active during trading European Hours would appreciate a better support during Night Trading Desk. The access to the desk limited only for managing an existing position means that if we had an active orders...well, how could we contact the desk? It's my understanding that there is no access in this scenario! Essentially we have to deal with an answer-back machine that only deals with FILLS but not with WORKING orders.

    2) in these cases, the Live Chat should be active; practically we had no way to understand the nature of the issue for hours.

    3) the FMDS is not fixed; X_study charts still did not catch with historical data: bars are built only since the login.

    Thank you,
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