Velocity Futures and Ninja Trader?

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  1. Can one use Ninja Trader's front end with Velocity Futures? If so, would that still require the $500 X-trader fee in order to get the reduced commissions? Is there any way to eliminate the $500 fee (account size? something else?)
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    seems to me if you go with velocity it's because you get x-trader, you can use nija, anywhere
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    VF offers Xtrader for free, but the commissions are higher.
  4. Free? Just like forex commissions...
  5. remember, NOTHING IS FREE
  6. Thanks for the input but nobody's answered my questions yet.

    1. Does NinjaTrader work with Velocity?
    2. If yes, can I use their brokerage with that front end and get both the lowered commissions and not have to pay the $500 software rental?
    3. If not, is there anyway to get the reduced commissions but not have to pay the $500 monthly, perhaps with depositing a larger amount in my account?

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    ive got a good idea, why don't you call Velocity? they are sponsors here.
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    Hi Steve0617

    1. You may use NinjaTrader with Global Futures for $49 per month.
    2. I can give you the low commissions you are looking for with Velocity.

    You may give me a call, email or pm. Thank you.
  9. we do not support ninja trader, but if you want to try out TT and to see if it is worth the price I can let you trade on Xtrader Pro for the next 2 months without a platform fee.
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    NinjaTrader Joins Trading Technologies Partner Programme

    Published: 09 August 2005

    Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) and NinjaTrader, LLC today announced that NinjaTrader has joined TT's Partner Program.

    NinjaTrader's trading platform, also called NinjaTrader, will connect to TT's exchange gateways though TT's FIX Adapter. The NinjaTrader/TT integrated solution will mark the first time that TT's gateways will be available to the retail marketplace.

    NinjaTrader has applied for TT Edge Certified Partner status and is expected to receive this designation when conformance testing is completed this month. Conformance testing will check various aspects of the application's performance including connection, execution speeds, order rates and application redundancy to test for overall speed, reliability and stability.

    "This partnership with NinjaTrader will provide Trading Technologies with additional access to the thriving retail market, and it brings the power of TT's gateway technology to a large community of retail traders. The NinjaTrader platform is one of the most-used retail solutions in the industry and we are pleased to be associated with the company," said Alvin Tanpoco, TT Partner Program director.

    "Integration to TT's FIX Adapter is in line with our strategy to broaden support to all leading exchange connectivity providers," said Raymond Deux, CEO of NinjaTrader. "TT's exchange gateways have proven to lead the industry in speed and reliability for professional traders and we are excited to be the first ISV to provide this connectivity option to the retail trader."

    TT's exchange gateways provide connectivity to the world's leading markets including the CBOE Futures Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Eurex, Eurex US, Euronext.liffe, Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra), IntercontinentalExchange, International Petroleum Exchange and Montréal Exchange. In addition, TT will soon launch connections to Hotspot FX and the New York Mercantile Exchange.

    The TT Partner Program, which launched on July 6, 2005, facilitates relationships with third-party developers that integrate TT's technology with their products. The TT Partner Program provides third party ISVs with development support, certification testing, sales and marketing assistance and other resources to help them create and market their products. Such products might include analytic platforms, trading and strategy development frameworks, black box systems, and algorithmic and multi-broker execution platforms.
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