Velocity Futures and free Xtrader. How many of you pay the price without the Volume

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ElectricSavant, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Just Curious...

    Is Xtrader really worth it? Is it so much better than Pat's, Ninja, Button Trader...etc?

    It's like $5.75 RT for the ES right? Ok you can pay $500.00 mo and get reduced commissions but this thread is not for you guys.

    I guess its according to your style of trading right? Do you scalpers pay this?

    Does the increased reliability and better executions pay for itself? Where do you consider your Breakeven Point?

    Michael B.
  2. I think "No". I remeber Def from IB said it might be
    hundred milliseconds or 1/10 of second faster, if
    you are not trading hundred of times a day and
    it's not automated, then you don't need it.

    You also have to check with that cost of $5.7, how
    many exchanges are included, i think that's for one
    exchange only (cover the cost for CME exchange only)
    , so it you want simultaneously to trade CBOT, NYmex,
    Eurox,..........etc, you have to pay another $250 for
    each exchange
  3. H2O


    If you don't trade much, you probably work longer term positions. This will give you the choice to work with stop orders (Exchange based) so you are protected in case of system failures.

    If you trade more volume, the lower commissions will make it worth changing...