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  1. dont


    I downloaded their software and billed $50 to my credit card. The system comes back not accepted, I try again get same message. 10 mins later I get two messages in my mail box saying that my credit card has been debited.

    I download the x-trader software guess what I can't get it to run.

    When I e-mail velocity. I get some snotty reply that I must have clicked the button twice. OK so wheres my refund?

    This may I stress may be a warning that this firm is "Odd"
  2. dont


    Let mne make that clear they billed me TWICE
  3. Neodude


    I had the same problem. Email the guy who is cc'ed on the email you got confirming the $50, he will take the payment off your card.

    The software is great so far. Make sure you have the latest IPs. They changed them like a week or two ago.

    There is nothing odd about it, its automated so you got billed twice because you refreshed your browser.
  4. dont


    I have e-mailed him. Hope it works.
    I am am happy to use X_Trader looks like a good piece of software. Plus it would be a pity if they turned out to be sour. Their rates are very low.
  5. 168


    it will work ,they are nice guy .otherwise you can call and ask for Mark . i am trying the tt demo also ,i am still test between the tt and the churchill futures , they both have low commision , just try to find out which platform is best for me .
  6. Neodude


    One thing I wish that they would add to the sim is the TT_Trainer. I got the demo hoping to record some sessions and play them back at my leisure (like the DAX), but its not available. I would pay twice as much just to have that ability. :(

    Otherwise no problems so far.
  7. If you have any problems with the credit card payment for the simulator email and he will take care of you.
  8. Greg K.

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    To answer your question, about the trainer, TT does have this feature available...the ability to record a really cool day like a fed announcement and play it back to you real time...the only problem is that TT does not have charting ..** you have to get some chart package like esignal, realtick, cqg...that can playback at the same time so that you can actually trade and see the charts at the same time from a playback file...and of course get them synchronized...

    Hope that helps.

  10. Cool, dueling futures brokers on here! Let the Death Match begin!! :p
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