Velocity, Eurex, Xtrader connectivity issues

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Badoit, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Badoit


    Is anyone else having trouble with the eurex feed from velocity? I compare it with a kinetick feed and sometimes xtrader is a second or two - sometimes more - behind. In fact I just looked and the quotes were 3 ticks apart.

    Call me a cynic, but I get the feeling that business over there isn't roaring, and they are cutting costs as a result.

    Or am I being paranoid?
  2. tortoise


    business over where? velocity? or eurex?
  3. Badoit



    I mean I know that eurex have got it bad too, but the phenomena isn't restricted to the eurex, seen it on globex too.
  4. There are 2 types of EUREX data feed.

    1 type is what a lot of brokers use, that's I think around $1,500 a year. There's a second type of EUREX datafeed what good brokers use and that is around $18,000 a year.

    Seems like velocity is having the cheaper eurex datafeed.

    DTN/IQFeed of course is the second type more expensive datafeed of eurex. Kinetick doesn't excist. It's just a datafeed from DTQ/IQFeed that ninjatrader sells to their customers to get an extra income.
  5. tortoise


    Interesting. I was about to open an account at Velocity. Any other problems there?
  6. Badoit


    see PM
  7. Badoit


    for instance, a headline hit the wires about the next thing in the greek shambles. I forgot what it was (so goddam many nowadays), a few mins ago. Kinetic through Ninjatrader showed 128.08 being lifted and TT .05...
  8. Dale Box

    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    Hi Badoit,

    Have you called the trade desk to report this issue? If needed we can open a support ticket with TT and find out exactly why you're having an issue.

    Best regards,
  9. Hi Dale,

    The question was if there are more people having problems with the EUREX feed at velocity. Not how to fix it.
  10. Badoit


    Hi Dale,

    Sure, I spoke with (via chat) with somebody.

    I asked if there was a problem with the eurex feed, they said that "we haven't had any calls". I explained that it was around 2 mins behind the market, which in hindsight is was an exaggeration... but we are talking perhaps 50 - 60 seconds (this is after I started this thread). It was longer than it ever, ever should be.

    They asked if I was looking at FGBM (I was, among others, and it wasn't the only one that was out) - I guess either they had tracked my IP and found my account, or they had read this thread in the meantime and determined that from the prices I quoted. They then said that "they would watch it" and closed the chat.

    I continued to watch the prices, and they remained disjointed with the market. At one point, the prices being quoted through TT were 8,9,10 ticks off the market when another greek comment hit the wires. In a slow market, TT is fastest to update a quote or show a print (vs. kinetick this is) as you would expect, but as soon as a few prints start to trickle through, TT is consistently behind the other feed.

    I originally saw this, maybe a month or more ago, on the CBOT; convinced that it wouldn't be the velocity feed, I arranged for the hardware at the local telephone exchange to be replaced, I have bought a new graphics card, put in cat5 cabling through the house, all sorts of things. It's come to the stage where the only thing that can be the problem is the feed.

    Now, seeing as I have your attention, I notice that LIFFE access is no longer offered through XTrader. I asked a customer representative why, who just said that it was a "firm decision" only to offer it through CQG trader. Can you go into more detail as to why this decision was made?


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