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  1. hello guys, any feedback about velez capital ? in reguards to proprietary trading. invest 9k, get schooling,then 50k , you dont take any losses and split 50/50 profit. any down side that i dont see ? or who has a better progrom out there? and "TRADE FOR LIFE".... :confused:
  2. you best be trolling
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    Suggest you do some research. Velez used to be the Pres. of Pristine, left under some mysterious circumstances, formed Velez Capital, and then suddenly came back last month and took over Pristine again. He quickly pushed out Greg Capra (his old Pristine partner) and Ron Wagner.

    Now all of a sudden they are back at Pristine. So where is Oliver? Does that mean he left Pristine again or what? It sounds very messy and ugly and so you should probably be wary.
  4. He can be perfectly correct if by 50K he means paper money. Yes you can trade for life....
  5. no its real money after the 7 day schooling. look it up on the web velez capital .. thanks
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    why not put up 5k at another prop firm and keep 100% and get 200k in bp instead of 50k. and by the way you are taking losses 9k right off the bat. but hey you are getting 5-1 lev and a 50/50 split, what year is this 1998
  7. so you are putting up 9K of your own money and get only 50K BP? and to make things worse, you split profit 50/50? wow....sounds like the deal of the century. they better not charge you any commission. come work as my assistant, i'll give you 250k BP to start off and 70/30 split. free training and a beer every friday lol
  8. i dont know any other prop firms, i did post a couple of days ago a request for prop firms and i have looked on line not to many out there ? also he eats ALL the losses for life. after you make 12k he will cut back 2k for every 12 made up to the orignal 9k investment. what ya think ? please guide me ..
  9. lube up your ass and take it from your new firm.
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    You forgot to mention, that when he left Pristine, he actually went to HLV Capital and partnered up with Charlie Vaccaro, then they quickly changed the name to Velez because of the bad press HLV was receiving.

    I would not walk but run as qucikly as you can away from this mess!
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