Vehicle Sales Rise 6.3% in March

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  1. Yeah, Canada, that massive country smaller than Texas or California.

    In other breaking news, Inuit employment rates have stabilized in the Arctic, beer sales at hockey games are up, and seal meat sales have their best year ever in Canada.

    Why don't you put 'Canada' in your title? A little deceptive, no?
  2. YOU of all people are complaining about deceptive thread titles?! Give me a break...

    Believe it or not there are some people who visit this site who aren't American...shocking EH?

    Looking to start a serious discussion about the current state of the Canadian economy here. Anybody without a stubborn, one track mind care to comment?
  3. Just ignore him, he's Dain Bramaged. LOL.

  4. Aha! You're Canadian!!!

    I knew something was wrong with you, inherently.

    There are a few noteworthy people from that liberal, socialistic, lazy-man land of Canada, with its life support from cradle-to-grave system, but you aren't one of them.

    We don't want your government here, hoser.

    Canada = our little taste of Western Europe to our immediate North, to remind of us 2 year waits for an MRI.
  5. LOL You have no clue.

    I don't have time for your petty, immature, internet flame wars. I could take many many shots at the USA right now but that does not interest me. It is my personal belief that you have a lot of time on your hands, are stubborn and unable to be flexible on your economic view, which results in your opinion being irrelevant.

    I like most Americans, find them to be reasonable people and are culturally very similar to Canadians. However, it's ignorant, cocky, know-it-all people like you that give your country a bad name.

    Now, before I waste any more time responding to flame posts and risk this thread getting moved to chit chat, I would like to chat about the Canadian economy with others.

    Anybody from out west in Alberta:
    How is the oil industry been doing lately in terms of job recalls and existing projects being started back up? Are you seeing improvement?

    Anybody from Ontario/Quebec:
    Given today's report stating auto sales increasing, have any of you been seeing improvements in the auto/manufacturing sector? Job recalls?

    Anybody from out East:
    How do you think the EU ban on seal products from the annual seal hunt will effect the economy out there? Short term/long term?