Vegas..what did I miss?

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  1. OK guys...I just got back from a 4day 3 night stint in Vegas for a bachelor party.

    We had two playpen suites at the Palms. Did some gambling. Had dinner at Tao and 9 Steakhouse. Checked out the strip. Had different sets of strippers in the suite each night.

    Now I had a great time and all, but I felt like a missed something. There's so much hype about Vegas and frankly I felt let down.

    The suites were not that nice considering the $ we spent. The Host service was terrible. The strippers were not that hot and put on a terrible show. The dinners were ok, but way over priced.

    So Vegas-goers, what did I miss? I've had much better fun per $ in NYC and Montreal.
    Should I ever go back to Vegas? And if so what should I do different?

  2. Vegas is the most overrated place on earth.

    Don't feel bad, my wife wants to go and I couldn't care less. I'd rather take the kids to disney in orlando.
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    Several years ago I used to average almost one trip a month to Vegas on business. To tell you the truth I was getting sick of it but then I'm not much of a gambler.
    We got to where we would stay in hotels off the strip just to avoid the crowds.

    factoid: City wide slot machines gross the casino an average of one million dollars per machine per year.
  4. You should have gone on the weekend. You don't hire strippers to the room, you go to the strip club. Palms is overpriced and their casino is the worst. If it were summertime the hotel is alright because there are a lot of hot women by the pool, but other than that, wrong place to stay. If you got there on Sunday, you were doomed from the get go. Friday and Saturday nights are the only good nights out there.
  5. I was there over the weekend. We arrived Friday morning and left Monday morning.
    Yeah the clubs are cool. We hit Ghost Bar Friday night. We hit Rain Saturday. We almost went to the club at Tao after we had dinner there but it was silly $.

    And as far as the strippers were concerned, the two reasons we got them sent to the suite was because we had poles in the room and wanted to get some "extras" too.

    Like I said overall I had a great time. Mostly because we had a great group of guys. But we could have had just a good a time in Montreal and spent half the money. Actually prolly a quarter of the money.
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    Hey UT,

    Maybe you left too soon. I was out there last year at this time for the start of the NCAA Tourney, Old strip, The Nugget. What a blast, St. Pats parties on the strip ,betting B-ball at 9:00 all day long, Ladies all night long. I don't know what to say dude, but....the escorts we fessed up for were hot to trot,
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    Try some high stakes blackjack and poker. The thrill is even bigger than holding 50 GOOG ITM calls.
  8. Hmm, we have somewhat of a different ritual on our annual trip to Vegas. Throw a little bit of raw Vegas into the mix, and you'll have a lot more fun. Some suggestions:

    1. You have to go a strip club such as the Rhino, Cheetah, etc. (in the Stratosphere neighborhood). There is no better Vegas experience than stumbling out into the blinding sunlight after a night of boozing and lap dances. Hail a cab, light up a cigarette, and head back to breakfast at the hotel.

    2. I like Mandalay Bay. As soon as you walk in, the scent of coconut oil arouses your senses. Great clubs (rumjungle, Mix), pool, beach (Moorea Beach Club). Have dinner at the Jungle, wait until the neon-clad dancers descend in their cages, and the night begins. You'll want to reserve a cabana to nap after breakfast, relax by the pool, and the hottest bikinis (next to Hard Rock). Remember, the afternoon is solely for recovery, relaxation, and a little drinking.

    3. Gamble downtown at Binion's or friendly equivalent. The dealers have a lot more character and interesting hairpieces. Mix it up with the locals -- they know how to have a good time. The tables at MB do seem "corporate", and the dealers in general are sullen. I do like gambling at the Palms -- it's a younger crowd with a lot of energy and once in a while you'll catch a celeb in there surrounded by his posse.

    4. Make sure you hit the sports book in the morning and get a shave at the Bellagio before heading out to dinner and then see O. :cool:

    The amount of fun you have in Vegas is inversely proportional to the time you spend in your hotel room.

    Hope this helps,

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    they say Jesus will fill that void
  10. Pound,
    That sounds like good advice.
    The next trip will be along those lines.
    We didn't spend too much time in the suites...just for some sleep..and when the strippers came in. Which is why we really should have went for smaller/less expensive rooms. The cost of the two suites was just under $20k..pretty stupid really..but the guy who set it up likes to go over the top on things.

    Trade well all.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day
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