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  1. OHLC


    I'm going to Vegas next week, and have a difficult time finding on the internet an hotel which would be both :
    -Inexpensive, ie : not the 500$/night resorts
    -allowing the customer to leave stuff during the day
    -allowing the customer to be in the room a few hours during the day, since I need to manage some stuff in Europe remotely and have no place to do so.

    Any info greatly appreciated :)

    Other questions for those in the area : is the local GSM network GPRS enabled ??
    Would be great, internet access through cell phone without GPRS sucks, IMO...

    Thanks for advance :D

  2. MrDinky


    I'm not sure what you mean in your hotel questions. Although they'd prefer you'd be in the casino spending money, all the hotels let you stay in your room day or night, whatever your pleasure.

    As far as GPRS, I believe Las Vegas has it through Cingular. Not sure about the others. This site may help:

  3. OHLC


    Thanks Mr Dinky and all PM's, I now have all the informations I needed :)
    Great bunch ! :D


    Mirage 89.00
    Venetian 129.00

    To name a few ...Thats the web site for Hotel Reservations Network, a hotel consolidator.

    I don't understand how you could have a problem with finding a Vegas hotel. Thats the one city that has plenty of Hotels Available.

    Why don't you try adding a Al-to the beginning of your name and tell them you are calling from the UAE. They should definitly hook you up.
  6. DaveN


    I went to Vegas last month and stayed at Arizona Charlie's East for a week. For $39 a night (Sun to Thurs), it was hard to beat. Rooms were in very good shape with living room, bedroom, & walk in closet. I worked from the room every morning until lunch. No problems.

    It is east of the strip, in the older section of Las Vegas. It's not the nicest part of town, but not so that I was ever concerned about theft or vandalism, etc.
  7. rcreal


    Palace Station Hotel and Casino - special!

    I stayed at an extended suite hotel south of the strip (Las Vegas Blvd) right across from the Belz Factory Outlets for 10 days last Feb.

    The hotel was 3 months old, had a full suite (kitchen, desk, etc.). Best of all, you could get high speed Internet for about $4/day.

    Good luck.
  8. qazmax


    In your room.... working??
    Doesn't sound like you understand the nature of Vegas!!!

    Get out there and have some fun...

    Stay in the middle of the strip... the walk from end to end is longer than it looks. Paris-Paris is nice and in the center.

    The Luxor has $5 blackjack tables if you want low stake at a nice Casino... the camel race machine was the most fun of all... ask where it is... it was a roudy bunch of camel betters when I was there.

    The blonde girl that plays with the parots in the lobby of Mandalay Bay is worth walking to the end of the strip for.

    The "Cocktail" show at Kauhuna ville is a must see. It is at Treasure island.

    Coyote ugly bar at New York New York...
    RA I forgot where this was... good fun though...

    The wilder side of vegas is too much to list... but they have it all !!!

    Do not forget Down Town vegas... go to Binions for some poker...

  9. OHLC


    Thanx all for the ideas :D

    BTW, what happens when you get out of a vegas Casino with profits after playing only BJ ??

    Is it safe to get out quickly, or better to give a bit back at slotmachines/roulette, before getting away ?

    Al OHLC
  10. nitro


    When I was there last [Sep 01 right after 9/11] the best poker seemed to be at the Mirage and the Bellagio.

    I have to say I liked Ceasers - they had CNBC on all day in the "lounge/bar," and had a business center where I could do a few trades from...

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