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  1. Are there any VectorVest users?...comments? tia
  2. I use it, it is very good for fundamental searches and searches based on price action. The search feature doesn't support any technical indicators besides MAs. You can do back test with it but it only lets you enter and exit on the opens and closes which I don't like.
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    Question for Matt, I'm trying to get info on Vector's market timing capabilities, what has been your experience, opinions on that part of the VV package? Thanks.
  4. I wish they didn't have such vendor-like advertising...its a turn off...My question is... do they make money in both a bull market and a bear market?

    It's been my experience, that most "investor-type" related services just cannot make money during certain times...where real traders can...

    These type of services will "waffle" and try to add a discretionary componet to everything they do, to avoid accountability...

    Michael B.

    Disclaimer: When it come to equities I have no idea what I am talking about.
  5. I do not use their timing signals. I only use it find stocks based on systems I have designed.
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    Hi ElectricSavant: I'll second your comments starting with their goofy advertising junk. Looking at the program itself, I'd suggest that this would suit those people who might like Swing trades that last several days to several weeks. A strong point for VectorVest is that they do suggest going short or at least they did when I used it several years ago. Back then they also used model folio's that did basket trading 10 to 20 stocks to try and catch several week market swing. Short term traders or long term investors might do better with something else. The best suggestion for anyone that thinks they might like it is to go ahead and test it themselves for 6 months. I did and it was ok but I still liked my own stock picking methods best. agpilot
  7. I've used V V over the past year for swing trades.

    Basically for compiling watch lists.

    V V has the usual predefined canned searchs so you'll want to change and tweek those to fit your trading style and methods.

    Really no complaints over all, it pays for itself.
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    Thanks for the responses. I was specifically interested in the market timing part of VV, and if anyone found this to be accurate and usable. They have a calculation called MTI and a whole separate advisory based around timing the broad market.

    Has anyone used this part of VectorVest? If so, what was your experience like?