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  1. Anyone use this and care to share their comments?

    It appears to be a trend following software that may be just as easily be duplicated using standard TA tools, specifically MA's and MACD, without having to buy the software

  2. Vector Vests TA is not worth anything. Yes, you can duplicate their "TA" very easily with any charting package. I would not advice you to pay for this software.
  3. rjmgroup


    You didn't mention which package you were looking for an opinion on: VectorVest ProGraphics or VectorVest ProTrader.

    I love the Teeny Bopper searches in ProGraphics (my latest big winner was WHT). ProTrader I don't use but it looks like any other technical analysis package (I like TC2000/TCNet better for that).
  4. I believe they have a free 30 day trial for $9.95. But then again,
    for me it was $18.90 since they decided to charge me two months
    in a row. I guess they needed the money... This was a few years
    ago, maybe their software wasn't up to snuff... :p
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    I paid $1.00 for it at a VectorVest seminar instead of the standard trial price. I made $1,100 profit on WHT, a recommendation from VectorVest ProGraphics 6.0, a few days ago. That paid for the $59 per month data feed for over a year. :) It also picked TRPH when it was $1.50 (it's now over $5). Similar results for AXO and TGAL. These results are from the Teeny Bopper search in VectorVest Prographics.