VectorVest: Good for picking stocks

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by leeayoung, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. leeayoung


    I would like to recommend VectorVest for basic investing. It all works well. You can test for 5 weeks for only $10. To continue costs under $700/year.

    It is good for finding good stocks. Their parameter GPE = (earning rise/earnings)/(price/earnings). They give Value = (earnings/price)/4%. Adjust to show Value/Price. If GPE > 1.5 and Value/Price > 1.5, you have stocks that move up much faster than the S&P (and also fall much faster!).

    To further select stocks, and time your Buys, I recommend (free!). Use RSI!

    On turnarounds, they tend to be slow in going from Sell to Hold to Buy. Their parameter VST is overrated, in my opinion.

    VV is very good for backtesting.

    It uses only end-of-the-day prices, so you can't do intraday trading.