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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by high flyer, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Hi...does anyone have any comments/experience on the program
    "Vector Vest"?

    To this newbie trader, they seem to have pretty good stock analysis, and the basic price won't break the bank...

    thanks....high flyer
  2. how much does it cost?

  3. a 5 wk. trial is $9.95...then it's $59/month, or $645/yr.

    You can check them out at www.
  4. Do they have an audited track record? Or at least the peformances of their picks?

    It seems like most site cherry picks their winners and never tell you about their losers. But the software looks interesting. They have sent stuff in the mail and email to me. I've been wanting to look into it.

    Has ANYONE got some real life experience with them? Like over a 6months to 1yr time period? Or longer?
  5. Expensive garbage.

  6. hi "index trader"....not to dis your comment, but what is it based on?...have you followed it, or know anyone that has....I think they have searches based on various criteria..they don't make specific recommendations..

    I really appreciate your input...thanks...
  7. i used vector vest for about a year when i was trading stocks and i was pretty happy with vector vest. i quit trading stocks because i just don't like trading stocks. im a futures sp trader. one thing about vector vest and with any backtesting system, they have benefit of getting the best price and alot of times that doesn't happen in real life trading. in other words alot of times I wouldn't get filled where they showed you would have been fille. to offset that, you have to go market and then you are dealing with slippage. but they are a honest company. if you go with vector vest, go to one of their seminars so you can really learn the software.
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    i used them off and on for about a year. never had any problems with service or the product. very responsive to any questions i had about anything.

    their software gives you about 10million (more?) different scanning setups. they offer a ton of preconfigured scans and they have an active yahoo group too. as with anything, it takes some time to nail down HOW to find WHAT you are looking for. very, very configurable.

    when i stopped trading stocks and started trading eminis, i cancelled my subscription. otherwise, i would probably still be a customer.

    i would definitely think it would be worth $10 to try it out for five weeks. if you don't like it, you're out about as much as commissions on a single round-trip trade.

    hope this helps.

    thanx and take care!