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  1. Question:

    Does anyone have any relevent experience or opinions regarding Oliver Velez and

    Are Velez's trading ideas "the Crunk" or "the Bunk"?

    Has anyone has any experience with his training and "prop-type" offer to his trainees?

  2. Do a search on here for him and the firm, there has been plenty posted about both. The search button is at the upper right hand corner.
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    I have some relevent experience with vcm and heres the thing, trading is hard work. Its a carer not a job. I follow the trading ideas that velez teches and It took me 3 years to make any money at all, and then it wasn't much.

    But hears the other thing, when I learned to make the ideas my ideas, that is when I got better.Most people are not able to go to velez training, (or any other), and come out an experienced professional. But all things considered, and the sales hype aside, velez does offer a path to success. keep in mind though, most people understatement what it takes to become successful and will fail.