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    Does anyone have an account through Vcap Futures?

    If you go to their website, designate yourself as instituition you can then select EBS as your software. It then redirects you to their website where you may select individual account. They appear to be an introducing broker to FCStone, a fair size futures broker.In essence the account would be with them. I'm going to call and see if an individual would be able to trade via currenex or EBS. Minimum account size is $50k. Commission is $30/1MM.

    Anyone know of their reputation?

    It appears they are Des Moines, Iowa.

    They had revenues of 76MM in 2005.
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    Vcapital Office Address (parent company)
    5701 S. Mopac Expwy #117
    Austin, Texas 78749
    t + 1 (512) 828 6626
    f + 1 (512) 697 0046

    Vcap Futures Mailing Address:
    815-A Brazos Street #265
    Austin, Texas 78701

    Austin Office
    t + 1 (512) 828 6626
    f + 1 (512) 697 0046

    Dallas Office
    t + 1 (214) 256 5999
    f + 1 (512) 697 0046

    "Founded in 1999, vCap operates under four core areas of specialization: funding domestic and international venture capital and private equity investments, facilitating capital introductions for alternative investment firms, hedge fund consulting and wealth management. Our parent and subsidiary companies include vCapital LLC, vCapGroup LLC, vCapVentures LLC, vCapFutures LLC and Alexander Securities Group LLC.

    vCap introduces private capital providers to companies seeking early stage/seed capital and hedge fund managers seeking capital introductions to increase their assets under management. Types of funds raised include buy-out, venture capital, hedge, mezzanine, turn-around, real estate, technology, logistics and biotech in the US Europe and Asia."


    I deal with Paul at Vcap and he has been great to deal with - no problems at all for me.