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  1. Hey guys, I'm either getting dumb or just too sleep deprived.
    Isn't every Excel function available in VBA via Application.WorksheetFunction. ?
    I thought so. I'm trying to use the Date(Year,Month,Day) function and it's not recognized.:confused:
  2. I figured out a "round and about" way to get what I need, but still, curios if I was wrong in assuming all excel function could be used in VBA. I've used a whole bunch before and this is the first time I that I came across smth that's not working.
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    I think objects that refer to a range work in Application.WorksheetFunction , date doesn't use a range reference.
    Even so I would use the Date command assigned to a variable then drop that to the worksheet... as it can be formatted in the module too :)
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    Not all worksheet functions are available to VB .....Date is not included
  5. Thanks guys!