VBA for Excel and Access - Book Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mmm, Mar 23, 2004.

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    I'm looking for book recommendations on VBA for Excal and for Access.

    What I am aiming to do is have Access store my price data, and apply Excel's analysis and charting tools on this data.

    I'm familiar with programming in C, Pascal, and Basic, but am a bit rusty as it has been many years since I last wrote a complex program.

    Any suggestions as to good books to help me climb the VBA learning curve?

    I've browsed through the prior ET threads and came up with "VB and VBA in a Nutshell" by Paul Lomax.

    Any others?


    -- MMM
  2. I had the same question (in another thread).

    Looking on amazon, i see books about financial modeling using excel. Just wondering if anyone has seen / read this book?
    Excel and VBA may come in handy, and they are a whole lot quicker then C++ (my current language for app design).
    (I am new to VBA and excel, so an "entry level" book is required).
  3. Hi mmm,

    You probably don't have much experience with Access yet. Get it and get any of the Microsoft books on "Programming Access". As VB is nicely integrated with the Access package, you should be going like a breeze. You'll find many examples. I would say don't look any further before you're knowing what you're doing. In fact, it may very well be that you won't want to go to Excel anymore but program the things you want to do straight into Access linked VB.

    Next, if you want to bring in Excel, this shouldn't be difficult anymore. I thing the elementary Access Programming books will give you already some information about interfacing with Excel.

    Be good,

  4. Bob111


    you can find lot's of info on web today free of charge. many websites and forums dedicated to those things. if you search deep enough, you can find ebooks about it too, also for free.
  5. Hi amigasearch,

    How true this is. C++ is tremendous, but if you don't use VB, you don't know what you are missing.

    BTW, I'm on to Python right now. No comparison with all I knew before. Can't dump C/C++ though for some things. Meshes great with Python though. Python is also good on both Win and Linux. VB ain't worth anything on Linux (except for dreamers).

    Be good,

  6. I speak to many developers, through my job / friendships. Believe it or not, half of these guys (20?) ditched C++ for apps. and use VB instead. They say its quicker (SO much quicker) and less headaches (no gobage cleanup). No apparent performance difference they say.
    I have been meaning to check VB for awhile (i am Microsoft dependent).
    This stuff comes up when I need to make an application to crunch some #s. Takes me forever in C++.
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    I had virtually no programming knowledge (outside of stuff like TradeStation) when I first started looking to use VBA. A friend of mine recommended the books by John Walchenbach, specifically "Excel 2002 Power Programming with VBA". With that book I have taught myself enough to do all the things I have needed in Excel and even started using VB itself. I still use it for reference all the time, so I highly recommend it. I haven't used Access much so I can't recommend anything there.
  8. Very good. Let me add that if mmm plans on using BOTH Access and Excel TOGETHER with VB, he definitely should get himself FIRST familiar with Access.
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    Though this thread is about VBA book recommendations, i would like to know the real value of Access programming, when there are packages like investor RT, etc which have got great reviews in ET for programming most of our requirements. Is it just a cost saving or there is something more to it

    Thanks in advance for your comments.
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    well maybe there is some value, if you want to do something unusual)))) let say-you want record and analyze L2. such thing is not for sale, impossible to find. even if you find it (somewhere on nasdaq) it going to cost you good chunk of money. the only way to work with it-is store it in database. just example
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