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  1. I have a brand new copy of Visual Basic .net Standard version. I purchased it with the intention of converting my vb 6 based programs into vb .net but now find that it is going to be more of a hassle than I want to deal with right now. Would anyone wishing to "upgrade" to vb .net like to swap me for your copy of vb 6?
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    Sorry to hear about your problem. I had just the same experience. I am sick and tired about this whole business. Although vb6 became rather usable over the last couple of years M$ had us go through quite some hassle before they got at the final vb6. Now converting to vb.net is just too much. However, learning from past experience, M$ will pull the rug out from under vb6 as fast as they can.

    I wonder whether it would not be the right moment of thinking to switch to Linux. I am seriously thinking about Borland Kylix3 which is an implementation of both Delphi and C++ under Linux. I figure that converting to vb.net is probably as laborious as converting to the Kylix3, which is available for free (starter version). Delphi seems to be a very nice pascal-like environment and has many quality users.
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    I have worked with VB6 (enterprise edition) and received a gift from a friend : VB.NET standard edition.

    I didn't start to work with it at once and when I started a few weeks ago, I found there's already a new version (2003)
    I would love to work with something that has a longer lifetime and I agree with you that Microsoft will perhaps not do....

    You're talking about switching to LINUX, This would be to much for me. I would like to stay in the Windows enviroment.

    Any suggestions except getting used to vb.NET ?
  4. Not sure what's included in VB.net standard edition. But the upgrade wizard in visual studio .net 2003 is pretty good at making the transition from VB6.
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    Not really. Longer term you will need to use the .Net Framework to take advantage of new MS system features. However over a timeframe of the next two years or so you can get by with VB6. VB6 and VB.NEt will run together, on the same computer, seamlessly. Moroever .NET has a COM interoperability layer that allows you to communicate and run VB6 com objects from .Net code.