Vax work Grate!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by misterkel, May 14, 2022.

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  2. May I assume you didn't get vaccinated?
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  4. No one is dying from Covid in the county I live in.
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    You are too dumb for words. Over a million Americans died from Covid. At least 2/3 of them unnecessary deaths. The fact that far less people die now is a testament to how well the vaccines worked out.
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    Covid vaccines saved more than just lives...they saved a ton of money even in comparison to letting Covid RIP through the population and the economy in hopes "everyone" will develop Natural Immunity which typically doesn't occur during a Pandemic.

    Different statistical models for American lives saved has been shown to be anywhere between 240,000 to about 1 million.

    Also, it's estimated to have prevented 1.1 million hospitalizations and halted 14 million infections, showing that more than 338 million doses had a powerful effect.
    • Halted 14 million infections - That's 14 million people that didn't need to quarantine, were able to go to work, able to hug their loved ones and friends, and it's someone that has minimized the risk of spreading Covid to others.
    Further, if your life, the life of a family member, or the life of a good friend is one of those saved from death or hospitalization because of a severe Covid infection...vaccines have earned the respect of those people.

    By the way, I saw a recent statistical map...Covid has killed at least one person or hospitalized at least one person in every county of the United States except for a handful of places.

    The state with the most counties not touched by Covid as in Deaths...the state of Nebraska although there are a few other states nearby that have a few counties not touched by Covid Deaths.