Vatican: excommunication for female priests

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bahdabing, May 30, 2008.

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    actually, it makes sense

    someone is not a priest, unless the pope says so

    so a bishop, who ordains a woman, is ordaining a false priest, in defiance of the pope's authority

    so is the female priest, because you cant dedicate your life to papal obediance, with definance as part of that oath. How can you tqke a meaningful oath to papal authority when you're defying him as you speak? You broke your oath before you even put your hand back down

    it's NOT a democracy! You want democracy? Dedicate your life to something else! They have that choice.

    in some ways, it's a dungions and dragons game, you either play, and play by the rules, or leave

    some have done just that, hence Protestantism, with the name 'Protest' still part of the name

    I'm not against women becoming priests, if the pope says so. I'm not against the pope making it a democracy either, if the pope chooses.

    But the key here, is that it's a volunatary organization, with democratic alternatives for the same spiratual ends (Christianity)

    I guess my main thing here, is that oaths should be taken very seriously - they're not just a bunch of words to say to get the role you want
  2. Yep. I chose to leave. Er...