Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Tries To Draft Hillary - LOL

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    It's always a vast right wing conspiracy with these people. It's probably just a crazed Hillary supporter. :D

    Hillary Clinton’s people — current and former — are mystified, suspicious and bit peeved with the recent raft of mysterious “Draft Hillary” robocalls and emails and a mangy web site – which looks like it was produced in the Hindu Kush.

    The current theory, according to posts on a listserv frequented by former Clinton 2008 staffers and senate staff forwarded to POLITICO, is that it’s a GOP plot.

    The presumed Republican motive, however feckless, is that the campaign would sow divisions in the Democratic ranks, and remind people that the secretary of state is a lot more popular than the man who bested her in the primaries four years ago. (The fact that Clinton is hugely popular isn’t lost on the scattered remnants of Hillaryland who see a 2016 race as a possibility, but think any premature talk about her ambitions would sabotage her chances.)


    The push could, of course, come from an actual admirer with cash to throw around. Bob Woodward has suggested HRC might be tapped to replace Joe Biden on the ticket, which was roundly denied by the White House and HRC’s people. Then there’s Doug Schoen’s attempt to push Clinton in the race, as a more moderate alternative to Obama.
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  3. Smell the desperation:D

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