Вasics of technical analysis for "dummies"

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    As an example, we use APPLE stock price development.

    Screenshot 1

    Technical analysis using an indicator


    Bollinger bands

    3 moving averages with different offset intervals

    What is the information content of this type of technical analysis of the market?

    The price is in the zone of the maximum reversal of the Bollinger band and is significantly higher than moving averages with different intervals of bias.

    MACD entered the overbought zone.

    Trader decisions

    - wait for the entry point for the medium-term trend (rollback)

    What exactly will happen in this case?

    The price will “fulfill” the target, turn around, create an impulse, and only after that these indicators will begin to give a weak signal about the beginning of the rollback formation.

    Given that the chart is in the interval of a week, a similar signal will take at least 6 weeks until the indicators can give a visual signal to the trader.

    What exactly is the disadvantage of this method!

    1 By the beginning of signal formation by indicators, the price will be able to make another short-term rollback from the medium-term trend, and thus your entry point will become irrelevant.

    If a sharp rollback occurs, you will lose at least 50% of the upcoming movement

    2 there is no specific purpose for the entry point to your deal

    3 no landmark in the depth of the rollback

    4 Indicators are lagging indicators and are able to exclusively duplicate the price structure of the current chart

    Conclusion - why should a trader have a duplicate chart that actually does not carry any real information

    Screenshot 2

    The basics of the simplest technical analysis using Fibonacci levels and price work in an equidistant channel

    what do we see?

    - the picture completely repeats the informativeness of the chart with indicators

    The price worked the upper boundary of the channel and, in accordance with the Fibonacci level, the trader will have a target entry point at the level of 278.6.

    the initial rollback level can be considered at the boundaries of 261.8 and 224 Fibonacci

    Thus, unlike the indicator, the trader has the opportunity to navigate both entry points and exit points from the transaction.

    Screenshot 3

    Gann simplest calculus


    Fan gunn

    Gann Grid

    Fibonacci Time Zones

    The action of the action within the boundaries of the next cell of the Gann grid coincides with the Fibonacci cycle and allows counting on a rollback to the border of the previous level of the Gann fan

    Screenshot 4


    triangles - Garley pattern “3 movements” and rollback in the form of an ABCD patent, where the level of 127.6 is the key, and from there you can consider the rollback to the Fibonacci level of 88.6

    Dear demagogues, you can keep your opinion to yourself, it’s not interesting to me.

    Question to those who are able to think with their head and not their ass

    What is more acceptable for the Trader -

    Indicators that really do not carry any information, or guidelines in accordance with the simplest application of technical analysis?

    do not know how to use technical analysis - pay to those who teach you how to use it and your profit will increase significantly!
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    The screenshotnumbers are mixed up:
    is "screenshot_4" number 3 and _5; number 4?
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    Stop looking at these. All is useless
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    I think you're taking this much too seriously.
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    it was clearly stated here #510 Monday at 3:31 AM

    the number of registered users of this site ranges from 20 to 80 people per day, I read all their posts and 99.9% of these users are absolute idiots, do you think their opinion is interesting to me?"

    in the first post it says - "Question to those who are able to think with their head and not their ass"

    when you finally understand, you are idiots and your opinion is not interesting to me!
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    But this is all a little confusing.

    You're not talking to the 99.9% of users you brand as idiots, while the other 0.1% of users presumably already know what you know.
    So who are you talking to and what are you hoping to achieve?
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    Since I have 0.1%, this means that there will be 0.2% soon and so on

    but you are so stupid that you are not able to understand it
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    All those things look great after the fact and obvious, live for every trade that works there are 2 where that wasn't the right set up and you lose or direction changes on you.
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    I assumed from the start that I was in your 99.9% category.

    But in order to double your "enlightened" 0.1% to 0.2%, that additional 0.1% has to come from within the 99.9%. I'm sorry if its stupid of me to point this out, but I'm still confused as to where else they might come from. Can you say a little bit more please?
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    How much do you think Resto has lost to be that angry and still self obsessed?

    Everything gets my vote.
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