Vaseline and Cheese Props

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Spyhawk, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Trying to find an established firm with .0035-.004 at 400k shares monthly and free platform is tough. It seems like the newer and more shady the cheaper. It might not be worth that $100.00 a month in saved fees when one of the firms traders blows out and there go's our 5 g's with it. Then the well established firms want the newbies that slip into their education business model at a penny a share, Or there is the offer to a proven profitable trader that does 1-2 million shares per month that makes these cheese props pull out the vaseline. If you don't have your liquid 50 in cash then you are truly one of the 1% that will succeed. Its been tough this last 11 months but I'm finally break even. I can't wait to Get out of the prop kiddy pool.

  2. alot of firms will start you out at .004 per share and if you do enough vol they will rebate you with the cost of the software. Echo typically starts out traders at 40 mils and rebates traders software fees after a certain amount of vol is traded.

    also look for firms that use Laser.

    -Laser is usually just data fees.- for cost

    again what you are looking for is all over the place.......