Various ES DOM, are they basically all the same?

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  1. Lets say I'm trading the ES and I want to trade through the dom, adding to the book on the bid or offer with a limit order or taking liquidity with market orders.

    Whats the difference, if any, on weather I'm using Interactive Brokers "booktrader" or if I'm using X-traders "MD trader" through Velocity or MF global or if I'm using ninja trader "SuperDOM" through Mirus or Tradestations "Matrix"

    If I was using all these platforms side by side would I be seeing the same EXACT information down to the millisecond and executions would all be the same?

  2. There is no difference except for noise. All platforms are subject to their own noise due to their frameworks. They all draw pictures of the same thing. It's simply a matter of using the picture that works for you and filtering out the noise. However, to see the picture, you have to know what you're looking at and what it represents... The DOM shows you the future and how it can unfold... By applying some vector analysis to your T&S, you can make projections on the DOM that point out the bias...

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    what kind of vector analysis are you doing? something like price acceleration?
  4. Dom walls... Jack, like to discuss ?
  5. go to youtube and watch all the 'versus' videos ie X trader v zenfire..

    TT X Trader is the quickest from my pov
  6. I know with transact one problem is that quirky things will happen. You'll log off with no cars active, then the next day you'll find your short a few.
  7. Is it actually possible to read the DOM these days and make anything useful out of it?

    It`s an area I never ventured into, but may be worth exploring further.
  8. For a modest fee, Button Trader/IB is a very stable, reliable and efficient combination once you get past the initial learning curve...

    It allows you to manage each leg independentaly, you can be long intra-swing and short intra-day at the same time without positions cancelling you out "Flat"

    able to monitor, execute, manage multiple asset classes/instruments with tabbed grids "workspaces"

    Pre programmed strategies, for stop placement, movement, Target execution..

    Good documentation and support, not necessary for swing traders... but wonderful for scalpers...

    and no, I am not a shill pumping the product, I just really like it, serves my needs and haven't been able to find a substitute..

    I attempted MC's front end, and it is not ready for prime time, booktrader is archaic, basic... functional, but not highly efficient..

    Some say Ninja Trader, I can't say yes or no, I never embraced NT, due to its previous platform instability...

    Tradestaton for historic charting is OK, but for order entry... I wouldn't trust it... fast market it fails, lags, crashes... nothing more dangerous than having your platform crash in a fast Market...

    So my vote for a RETAIL traders front end... BT is my preferred choice...

    Regarding, "reading" the Dom, Time & Sales, Bid/Asks... if you must ask the question, the most likely answer is No... with high frequency traders, algorithms, etc... market manipulation has become a fine tuned art... Not saying a highly experienced trader may be able to extract some edge... but for the majority it is a bit naive to think one can out think the institutional manipulation.... others may disagree, I am sure they will... this is ET after all :)
  9. well, on the emini it's supposed to be straight from globex. It shouldn't be any different from broker to broker any more than the bid ask should be.

    yeah, it shows you the wating list you have to get in at any price.

    back then it use to mean something before big computers had any interest in ES

  10. Button Trader is excellent. Agree with you
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