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  1. I was wondering if anyone uses this company? I've searched on here but nothing since 08' no NFA complaints. I guess these are all good factors. Commissions seems sweet for a 50k account and get even better for 250K accounts. Are they the data provider or do I have to pay extra for that? Thanks in advance for any info!
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    regarding the datafeed - this is really depending on the platform that you are using. the data can come from various vendors such as CQG, TT, Pats, CTS, etc. in most cases - the datafeed is already included in the software monthly cost or transaction fee

    looks like they don't provide proprietary datafeed and you can choose to work with one of the 3rd party feeds (in most cases of IBs/FCMs turning into developers of feed/platform - the datafeed and the technology is crappy) and you are not restricted to use a in-house platform.

    as for the company reputation - i never worked with them, but know a couple of colleagues who are trading with them. clean NFA sheet is a good sign
  3. thanks, omg I don't know how I missed that on their site I only saw the platform fees
  4. I'm also looking into this firm. They are a guaranteed IB for RCG. Their commissions are sweet!

    Any customers of Variance or RCG should please share their experiences.

    Thank you.
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    They do have a good rate on the commissions for $50,000 account; However, they have no decent free platform and no bargains on the platforms they offer. I wonder if an individual gets the institutional rate at the $250,000 ? That level starts to look very good.
  6. Glad to hear from any prop traders, CTAs, CPOS, private & experienced traders who trade through Variance as to their experiences.
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    I did a search for Variance Futures and all I really found was this thread.

    Does anybody have any experience with Variance?

  8. Surdo


    Ninja Trader is a free platform!

    Come on guys this is just another IB for RCG, solid as a rock.

    Rates look competitive, why would you need a $250K account?
  9. anyone know anything of this broker?

    are they IB for RCG or Vision?