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  1. Has anyone used VAP as an analytical tool? I can see where it can be used to "determine" areas of high/low volume at any given price, but do the high volume areas truely act as support/resistance? any info would be much appreciated. Everytime i google "VAP" or "Volume-at-Price" I usually end up at sites regarding Market Profile..which i thought was different (time-segmented volume analysis with price).

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  2. VAP and Time at price (Market Profile) are very similar. In other words volume at price is directly related to time at price. If price doesn't stay at a certain point for very long, it will not facilite much trade volume at that price.

    I prefer VAP because I find it simplier than market profile but just as effective. They will yeild very similar support and resistance levels.

  3. Kinda makes the definitions of S and R curve fitted. Too bad as the back testers might say.

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  4. Thanks runningbear.. would it be worth my while to read up on market profile, or do you know of a book/info that i can get my hands on regarding VAP? Right now I'm just studying charts with a VAP overlay (Amibroker) in order to develop a sense of where possible support/resistance will be..
  5. Jack,

    What do you mean? Is this in relation to evaluating "Dry Up" volume versus determining support/resistance off of heavy volume areas via VAP?

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  6. I recommend reading Mind Over Markets. Even if you never use Market Profile, I believe every trader should understand auction market theory, range extension, POCs, value areas etc. I believe it offers a solid framework for identifying the primary trend and where you are within it.

    Also, do a search on Volume Profile at