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Discussion in 'Trading' started by glesga, Nov 12, 2006.

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    I've had the VantagePoint software for a year. I made pips with it (will give my testing results if asked) but my trading style has changed and I'm now looking to sell my copy. Ten forex pairs, paid $3,300 for it, willing to sell for $1,800.

    All you have to do is install the CD on your pc (I'll ship it priority for free) and input the new security code by calling the company. Email me if you're interested, no time-wasters please, and we can set up a phone call/video chat, anything you want to assure you I'm not ripping you off.

    If you want to find out about VP, go to

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    Let me know how you sell it?
    I got ripped off nby vantagepoint too. Had someone who wanted to buy it off me, even though I said it was crap, but the company refused to transfer the license:

    *don't blame them as I can't see anyone wanting to keep it.. must be thousands of us suckers out there wondering what to do with the cds. Imagine 1000s of discontented VP owners all on ebay trying to sell their copy.
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    Please email back i had some question before purchasing the software.
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    Please DO NOT purchase the Vantage Point software. It is a total waste of money, IMO. Unfortunately I bought it and have regreted it ever since.

    It is absolutely no different than looking at a moving average chart.
  7. I bought VP years ago as well. It is not even worth the cost of packaging IMVHO.
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    Give me a hundred bucks and I'll consider taking it off your hands.
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    Anyone got a better offer. I am tempted.:D