Vantage Point

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  1. Anyone heard of them>??
  2. this is what Pattern nut said

    "by the way a little gift for you all

    Wanna hear something very interesting.

    I just figured out how vantage point software works

    This is a company that claims 80% accuracy of their predictions using two lines that seem like moving average lines but more accurate,

    Well I always found it a bit weird, why would they prefer commodities, metals.

    Gold coffee etc

    Well it turns out they are using two moving average lines.

    One is simple 10 MA line

    And second is 5 day exponential MA line.

    Their entire software is based on these two lines,

    These lines are not very useful on high volatility stocks.

    But if you apply these lines to coffee, or pork bellies, you get very nice consistent predictions indeed,

    Well I guess I won’t be paying 2000 for their software."