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  1. Is anybody using it ?????

    It is very expensive and I would like any feedback from anyone that has purchased it.

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    I have it but haven't used it much and don't use it at all now. I started out to be a swing trader - and vantage point is best suited for people holding trades for 2 - 5 days. But now I am 100% daytrader.
    I should put it in classifieds oneday.
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    I have software also and agree it is useful for longer swing trades
    but the predicted next day high/low is hit and miss. As with other systems if you wait for MA crossover it seems you usually miss best part of the move. And you get wipsawed in choppy markets.
    I'm still working with it can't recommend good or bad yet!
  4. How long have you had it they make a lot of BIG claims.
  5. I was also considering buying it.
    While talking to their customer service, they said that during a choppy market, the vantage point report tells you to stay out of that market. To the vantage point user here, is this true?
  6. They are having a special before the new year so I might buy it soon.

    Stay in touch
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    I have only had software for a few months and have not spent as much time with it is I would like. I have six modules; S&P and five ag markets; I understand you can switch markets for free.
    It works best in trending markets, as far as telling you when the market is choppy I have not figured that out, I have been trading on markets I have and have caught some nice moves on strong trends but the chop can take a lot of it back. I'm going to switch some modules to markets that tend to trend more. I think it has potential but is not the holy grail.:confused:
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    Yes, exactly. It uses moving average crossovers so is accurate when the market is in a trend.
  9. My advise - don't. But if you insist, I can offer you mine at a substantial discount. I have five (or maybe six modules).
  10. MartinD


    I bought a set of three of their programs quite a while back... quite expensive and didnt find it to be any use at all to be honest - the projected moving average would appear at 1st glance to be good as it does seem to realiably predict up or down trends when it crosses above or below the actual moving average - but it also crosses above and below during chop - and of course there is no way to distinguish between whether the market is starting to chop or starting a new trend... It looks and works just like a bog standard moving average crossover system with all the same faults and failings.

    Just in addition to my previous comments, I should also point out that their claim of "up to" 80% accuracy - this only pertains to their indexing system which is an oscillator that goes from 1 to zero, 1 being if vantagepoint expects the market to make a top in the next two days, zero being a bottom. Sounds good in theory, but in practice proved to be utterly useless for me. In my discussions with other traders, I've come across four other traders who have purchased VP software in the past and all of them like me had ultimately found it useless in their trading.

    I am not sure what the *actual* accuracy of this index oscillator is, it would seem rather difficult to corroborate. But some of the other data output, such as predicted high and low for the following day is usually wildly innacurate.

    IMO Market Technologies are likely making an awful lot of money selling something that is targetted at every traders 'wish lists' - dont get caught up in all their marketing spiel, this is no holy grail. They offer no performance guarantees or money back. And VP isnt a strategy either, its proprietary charting software and it doesnt give buy or sell signals, thats up to you at your discretion if you base a trading decision on their data output.

    If you are interested in their software, my advice would be to get them to fax you the data output for the markets you are interested in, and see if you could realistically use the data in your trading - get them to do this for several days or weeks on the trot if necessary before shelling out several thousand dollars. Do your homework, i wish i had.

    There has been much discussion of this system in the tradestationworld forums, and the fact that their supposed "inter market analysis" produces the same results even if data if missing from the extra markets.

    One of the programming buffs wrote an easylanguage indicator that plots a projected moving average in an identical fashion to the one the VantagePoint plots - so if you have any idea that this VP software would benefit your trading, try this indicator first, because the one in VantagePoint (presumably the projected MA forecast is the indicator most people are interested in) is basically almost exactly the same.

    The Easylanguage is here:

    Input: DampFactor(.3), MALength(5) ;
    Vars: ProjMA(0), Mid(0), MA(0) ;

    Mid = (High + Low)/2 ;
    ProjMA = Mid - (DampFactor * (Mid - ProjMA[1])) ;
    MA = Average(close, MALength) ;

    Plot1 (ProjMA, "ProjMA" ,cyan, default, 1 ) ;
    Plot2 (MA, "Avg", yellow, default, 1 ) ;
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