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  1. It seems like it has been a while since anyone posted anything about Vantagepoint software. I have had the software for well over a year and have tried every combination of indicators without success as have dozens of other users. Most VP owners have abandoned the product and have moved on to other systems or courses.

    Vantage Point themselves are incapable of telling you how to use the software and their Traderchat website has had many systems posted which all failed over time. Recently a negative thread was completely deleted from the site and requests to have it returned have seemingly been ignored.

    This software really is useless, if anyone wishes to prove me wrong then please do so by posting a system that works. Please DO NOT buy this product, you are wasting your money.
  2. you have learned the truth
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    Yep, It seems the world is polarized - people either ~hate~ VantagePoint, or, they ~love~ it!

    My experience has been that the "blue line-black line crossovers" the advertisements show can't be used 'blindly' - but have to be judged in context with what the other indicators in VP are telling you at the same time... and then the picture becomes much clearer.... there are crossovers, & then there are CROSSOVERS... Its not perfect, not failproof -- but once you learn to read things, the full suite of VP indicators does help discern "the good ones"

    You might want to check out a thread on where I've posted a Forex trading method using VP, along with forward test/live trades .... and it ~IS working for me, that's all I can say.

    In the webinar section on that site there are also several trading videos using VP posted from several different traders.

    [TraderPlanet is fairly new, kind of like FaceBook for traders, + Forums & Commentaries & some ebooks & other stuff]

    Cheers & Good Trading! :cool:
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    called and asked for a three-day demo, no go.
    I am using matlab with its conglomeration of toolboxes, not very flexible, willing to look into something else.
    Hmmm, these guys won't allow for a demo? they may be hiding product capability issues, etc.
    Hmmm, next day a follow-up call - - extremely high performance claims - - they need to back it up instead of pressure-selling me three packages for $3700 as a special...
    their loss, because if something works, I tell everyone...
  5. you just posted the same horseshit over at trade2win
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    uh Yeah, and You'll find it on ForexFactory too -- this is what's known as 'spreading the word'. Like Richard said in his post above - I found something that works.

  7. vantagepoint software is complete bullshit that ensnares newbs... any aspiring trader even one month into their education will realise its complete nonsense.
    buyer beware.

  8. If someone says they can use VP to their advantage then good luck to them, I like many others could not.

    VPs own forum (traderchat) was taken down without notice after seniors members on the site started saying the product was useless, critical posts and an entire thread had been deleted before that.

    It seems they have now reappeared as traderplanet, I made a post there some time back and it was deleted. You can safely assume traderplanet has been set up to promote the product and nothing else.

    I've lost count of the number of systems that I've seen posted about VP, all of them failed over time. There are posts on forexfactory from 2006 where people are trying out the same combination of indicators.
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    You are certainly entitled to your perspectives Malta... but, do you (or anyone else) have 'a system' that "always" works?, that doesn't "fail over time"?

    As we all know - ~no system~ "works", all the time -- It is just not possible.

    VantagePoint takes a unique approach to indicating trend changes and continuations. Some of us, have found it useful. Others, have not. Its that simple.

    Just as some use MA systems; just as some use S&R systems; just as some use Elliott wave approaches; and the list goes on -- and not all of us happen to care for nor use all the above, and, ~none~ of even these do not "fail", "over time".

    To say all VP strategies have "all failed over time" isn't correct. Are there times of draw down, wrong calls, missed calls? Yep. Are there plenty of times VP gets it right? Yep. And, over time is the system profitable? Yep. Is it the only system that can be profitable? Nope. Ok, enough said.

    Concerning TraderPlanet -- if you look around there, you'll find that the Thread I started actually looks to be a one of a kind over there, at least that I've been able to find -- I actually see very little VP stuff on that site. I think that site is anything ~but~ what you accuse it of. I see many different approaches and tools and issues presented there. If you posted there, I guess that means you have signed up & are a member there?
  10. Anyone that charges you that much money for trading software is just a crook. The Crossovers are nothing more that moving averages. I wouldn't buy this insult for $100, let alone the crazy prices they want. There is far superior software that compines neural networks and volume/price studies for much less.

    Newbies, if you are going to junk like Investools and getting your money taken, so yourself a favor, go buy a dozen of the best trading books out there learn the ropes apply a simple system that workd over time and stop wasting your money!
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