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  1. uharttung


    Has anyone used this software ?

    Vantage Point by Market Technologies Corporation.
  2. I have indeed. I think that it has some value, but you have to use some discretion as well. For example, the predicted moving averages do indeed cross BEFORE their non-predicted partners (i.e. simple moving averages of the same lengths), however, to truly benefit, you have to use a smarter entry and stop method...rather than the old buy at the cross, sell at the cross.

    Also, I find almost everything useless except the short-term predicted moving average. I find the predicted high/low utterly useless, as well as the "index" and "strength" numbers. Maybe someone ELSE can figure out a use for them, but I haven't been able to.

    That said, I must say that I HAVE made money with this software, whereas using the standard moving averages might have gotten me whipped back and forth. The predicted MA (along with my own entry method) kept me well out of the bad trades. If I'm inclined to position trade using MAs, I'll use Vantagepoint anyday.

    One other drawback is that it only uses End-of-Day data. So no intraday predictions for you. Also, the sales people are quite pushy. However, they dramatically dropped the price on the market modules (by about 1/10th). The listed prices were outrageous anyway. Make of it what you will.

    Ah well. There you have it. Happy trading!

  3. ojeriza


    I bought Vantage point software about one year ago, and have had tremendous success with it. I own most of the modules they sell, and while it is not cheap, I am pleased.

    As the previous post stated, the only indicator I use are the predicted moving averages. I only position trade, as I believe this software is very poor for daytrading.

    Keep in mind the importance of entry points, excellent money management and position sizing skills. Without these skills Vantage Point and any other software are completely useless to any speculator.

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  4. ZBEAR


    The previous two posts pretty well sum it up.

    I bought it in 2001, and worked with one of the salesman for a couple of weeks on several of the modules.
    I then asked for, and got my money back - in full !

    I think it does have value - but it couldn't call the next days turn to save it's reputation
    ( what reputation ) with me !

    Having said all this - maybe it's just the type of thing that would suit your trading style -
    but it just was not suited to mine.

    Average is nothing more or less than the mean of the aberrations.
  5. Shankar


    If you have a way to predict the crossing of 2 moving averages, I will be a Bill Gates in a year (and I would not sell the method). If you have ever programmed a system that happened to look into the future you know what I mean.
  6. Vantagepoint (and nothing else, for that matter) can 100%predict a legitimate crossing of a moving average (as many illegitimate crossings will kill you). However, when looking at the software, you'll notice that the averages in Vantagepoint cross one or more days prior to many legitimate crossings of regular MAs of the same length.

    Furthermore, with moving averages in general, you can't just buy when the fast MA crosses above the slow MA and vice versa. However, using either another indicator for confirmation, or a violation of immediate support/resistance, one can profit well from MAs, especially from predicted MAs, such as those in Vantagepoint, as you would gain an early entry into a trending market.

    I've been happy with the predicted MAs in Vantagepoint, just NOT with the hype surrounding the prediction of "next day" highs and lows. I'm glad to see, from a prior post, that I'm not the only one with this dissatisfaction. However, by using the predicted MAs with an intelligent entry strategy AND trading a number of markets, I'm convinced one could make a nice chunk of change overt the long haul..

    Happy trading.

  7. rrs456


    I purchased Vantagepoint software last year.
    I agree with what Ojeriza and Lizardgizzard have to say about the value of Vantagepoint for traders. I have been trying to figure out a system of position trading using the medium term MA without great deal of success.

    Can you (Ojeriza and Lizardgizzard) describe your trading methods? How do you integrate the output from Vantagepoint with other indicators and methods?

    As a relatively new user, I am very interested in learning from other users like you. Thank you in advance for your help.

  8. hotdog


    What about their supposed 80% accuracy?
  9. nguittar


    I bought Vantage point about two years ago and wrestled with it for a couple of months. My final conclusion was that moving average cross-over systems have merit, and that trends tend to continue. I believe this is the basis of their 80% accuracy claim. But when it's all said and done, I was unable to identify a tradeable advantage using vantage point.

    If I had suspected that they would have refunded my money, I would certainly have asked for it. However, it is to Vantage Point's credit that they returned uharttung's money. I guess Lou Mendelson believes in what he is doing even if I don't.

  10. jaw1958


    I really appreciate this thread. I just purchased VP last week and got all modules for 4500. The salesman was rather pushy and I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise. He did give me a couple of references of people who use it and claim to have great success. Getting detail information from anyone including the salesman on solid methodology has proven difficult. I would very much like to hear from anyone willing to coach me a little. Someday I hope to become a winner at commodity trading.
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