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  1. Digs


    I get the odd email spam from Vantage point.... It has text like this

    ..."VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software with its nearly 80% accuracy puts this type of information at your fingertips each night. Its powerful forecasts allow you to capitalize on the best trading opportunities the next day. VantagePoint forecasts 43 financial and commodity markets, so if you don't trade the Dow you can be sure that VantagePoint provides forecasts on the markets that you do trade.

    In today's global economy, markets heavily influence each other. VantagePoint analyzes the inter-relationships between markets and the effects that they have on each other. It then uses leading indicators to anticipate market direction with up to 80% accuracy. This is in sharp contrast to most of the tools available today that still use single-market analysis and which rely upon lagging indicators to guess where the market is going."....

    text for the attached chart .."When the blue line (forecast) crossed below the black line (actual), VantagePoint predicted the
    market to trend down.

    The market has moved down over 310 points.

    310 points = $3100"...

    Get this joke ..."with up to 80% accuracy."... This means anything from 0% to 80%.

    SO is anybody makeing money with this stuff ?
  2. email


    Its funny i just wrote another post and mentioned vantage point.
    I have been around trading for about five years now, I have never traded with it but I know alot of traders that speak highly of the software.
  3. cbyp


    conflicting response

    can someone sit down and use it ignorantly and see if version 6 works, I want to get it but have conflict of opinions, some say it does others who mess with it say it doesnt.

    respected reviews in the forex mag say its good too, beginners do what it says and experts use it as a security
  4. traderob


    I was stupid enough to buy vantagepoint a few years back. Toi say it is worthless is praise. Lou Mendelsohn should be in prison and it is a dsigace that the SEC or someone hasn't charged him.
  5. cbyp


    just downloaded it from emule, works great, just need a datafeed to test it out

    any free ones?
  6. whartman


    Pardon my ignorance, but what is emule? :confused:
  7. cbyp