Vantage Launches Social Network for Traders

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    Vantage Launches Social Network for Traders

    July 27, 2022
    Vantage, a global multi-asset broker, has launched V Social, a professional ‘social network’ that allows traders to auto-copy signals, execute trades, chat and analyse performance.

    According to Vantage, beginner traders have the opportunity to subscribe to and copy the signals of expert traders, who in return benefit from increased status and a portion of profits.

    The firm hopes the new solution, built using the proprietary technology of Pelican Trading, will attract new market entrants to its platform, expanding their customer base and increasing overall trading activity.

    Shunyu Li
    Shunyu Li, Head of Sales and Marketing at Vantage, said that social and copy trading is booming across the financial industry, with features like commenting, resharing and liking posts rendering it intuitive for an influx of next-gen, digital native traders.

    “It’s also beginning to be embraced by more established traders looking for their next trade idea.”

    “We’re thrilled to be now able to offer social trading capabilities to new and existing clients in partnership with such an esteemed and established brand as Pelican.”

    Following the rebranding last year, Vantage was the fastest growing broker in the UK, according to David Shayer, UK CEO of Vantage.

    “Wanting to keep up that momentum, we identified that the thousands of young, ambitious traders newly entering the space post-pandemic represented a huge opportunity,” he said.

    “We have long believed that the trading world should be more accessible – not just for experienced traders – and were thrilled to discover a like-minded partner in Pelican.”

    “We are now able to offer existing, new and soon-to-be clients a user-friendly, all-in-one platform on which they can execute traders, copy and learn from some of the world’s best investors, and contribute to a growing community of energised, innovative traders.”
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    Oh, yes, for sure, I for one have been yearning for a new social site where I can share my winning strategies with `thousands of young, ambitious traders.`

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    ZZ Trader

  4. More nonsense, bs and hype and distractions for the brain dead, amateur, naive, gullible zombies, sheep and cattle out be taken by the demon scammers and charlatans.
    And the cycle loop continues.

    In the mid 2000's and early 2000's.....we all had this futuristic, intelligent, image in our minds of the future of social media, phones and we would all be so happy, heathy, safe, intelligent and prosperous. The exact opposite has happened, because people, society are composed of little shits,
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    "opportunity to subscribe to and copy the signals of expert traders"

    Humm...what could possibly go wrong?
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    many newbies will join that social network.
    Because many newbies just want to teach / preach & not to learn.
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    ZZ Trader

    it's funny because there are companies like Collective 2 that promote themselves as being the good guys against the evil hedge fund managers and promise to democratize access to working investment strategies:

    Collective2 vs. Traditional Hedge Funds
    Good vs. Evil
    David vs. Goliath
    Luke vs. Darth Vader

    But then the reality is that the only persons that benefit from such company are... the founders (through the fees they charge to their clients to use their technology).

    There is a disgusting degree of falsity in all these operations but the truth is in the numbers: people that can produce good returns for years, with relatively repeatable, systematic processes do not offer their strategies to other people so they can copy them, it should be obvious, it is a contradiction in terms, like "working vacation"....etc.
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  8. :wtf:
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    That's why we should look at those chat rooms with a pinch of salt.

    because it is

    A vs B &
    B vs A