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Discussion in 'Economics' started by Sikhinvestor, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. A lot of my friends from back east in Toronto are moving to Vancouver, because of the massive amounts of jobs here. The average wage now is about $18USD in most entry level positions and even guys I know who aren't even educated are making 30 bucks.

    So my real question is how long can this keep going, people who have no real skills in an overheated economy getting paid for no main reason.


  2. Those making $30 / hr are in construction because of the Olympics ahead and the shortage of labor ( why would the the welfare frogs in Quebec want to work? they get billions every year from the other provinces ). Illiterate painters helpers make $18/hr.

    In Western Canada, Contractors make more money than Doctors or lawyers. The cabbies make more money than the doctors. And it's all in Cash. If the frogs were forced to join the labor pool, wages would return to some semblance of normality.
  3. I remember hearing a lawyer today in Court saying to the other member of counsel... I can't work for less than 60 bux an hour..

    Just nuts, but oh well..
  4. It's called the Laws of Supply and Demand. The economy isn't overheated.
  5. jj90


    You seem to think that trades skills is not educated work. Who do you call if you need electric work or your pipes burst or need something fixed up with your house? Are you a qualified journeyman with your ticket? Sure the industry is cyclical, but that doesn't mean that these people are uneducated.
  6. I am talking about Untrainned Painters making 19USD an hour, Landscapers hiring people for $18-22USD an hour. Even entry level masons, making this much.

    I dont' know I guess its just boggling the mind, I guess it just makes me think if the wage I have is even average.
  7. It's called wage inflation...