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    I know there are quite a few of us on ET.... I am working on organizing a options seminar for mid January. I can not afford to travel to the US to take the course at this time so I am trying to arrange to have this company come up here instead. However, I need to get together at least 10 people to meet their minimum (I am not employed by the company). Some of the topics covered will include:

    Trading Fundamentals
    Advanced Strategies & Risk Management
    Volatility & Arbitrage Trading

    If you happen to be a CFP, then I believe there are CE credits available for each module of the course. Otherwise, this course is usually geared towards brokers, high networth individuals, CFP's, hedge fund managers and individual traders.

    If anyone is interested or would like more info regarding price, content, and who will be teaching, please PM me with your email address. Baron has asked me not to post those details here in case you are wondering why I have not explained it all in this post.