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  1. I would like to start trading, are there any companies I can join?

    Thanks pm me if you are associated with anyone in Vancouver.
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    Do you want to work from an office or remotely?
  4. Bright has a few offices in that area, I know there is one in Langley, you should check them out.
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    Pair Trader has an office in Langley, if you want to learn Stat Arb.
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    The Bright office in Vancouver just closed down. You can still trade remotely, or go into the large Langley office if you need the company.
  7. Then I would make the short trip from Vancouver to Langley!
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    There's Title Trading. They're opening an office in Vancouver in September.
  9. Sorry, but Vancouver did not close down, and it's being run by Todd Clifford (he moved from Kelowna). He is Darren Clifford's brother.

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    where can I get info on title trading? what's the commission and what's the split?
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