Vancouver listed as the Best City in the world to live in :D

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  1. ouch how did they got the kayak out, I can imagine moutain bike and gear gone but the kayak. Well at least theres the canucks, and there back :D

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  2. Hi Piphunter,

    You are correct that there are a lot of sharks out there as in any business and we all have to be careful. It sounds like you are an experienced trader and maybe do not need the support of others. My experience up to now was that I learn a lot of practical things from the people in my group. I am constantly reading books and web sites on the subject and like to learn that way. It is however very valuable to me to get some other view point on the subject. I have the opportunity to do live chat sessions with a moderator and a group of traders for 8 hours a day currently.

    I further more find that the psychology of trading live money is very difficult. Statistics indicate that more than 85% of new traders loose all there money within the first 2 months. To have a support group is very valuable.
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  3. fuf


    I am selling a computer setup with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, E8400, 3Ghz, 4GB Ram, and Windows 7 PRo 32 bit OS, 8 - 17" Sharp LDC screens with two Ergotron racks., including 2 - quad port video cards, extra long cables, wireless MS Keyboard, and a trackball mouse. This is a solid setup I have used for trading financial markets and displaying multiple screens. The computer is approx 5 years old and the screens are approx. 8 years old. I am moving and upgrading my system. Please email me with any questions.

    Local pick-up only.

    Here is a link to the pic and my craigslist ad:
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