Vancouver listed as the Best City in the world to live in :D

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mahram, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. To trade Forex I would set up free demos with:


    With Oanda there is no trading software to download, great for when you are on a public computer such as at the downtown Vancouver Public Library.

    With Refcofx you have to download the trading software, so you will need your own computer. If you use a laptop with wireless the downtown Vancouver Public Library has free access to a wireless network on the 4th floor.

    Refcofx accepts Canadian live accounts, I do not know about Oanda.
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  2. well it depends, the weather in van is nothing compared to new york, or stuff you get in toronto. LOL thats why you want to live in victoria
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  3. I would choose refco, Ive been using them for over 10 years, and there great people. Well the canadian division of refco. Never had any problems, except there alittle pricy for commod trades, but if you want access to pits, their the ownly canadian commodity brokers I would go to. If you want purely electronic stuff, and you dont want to trade all commodity products, and just the nymex stuff, I also use IB canada.

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  4. BARLI


    does it rain less in Victoria?
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  5. yup, its an even milder weather then vancouver, because of the special situation victoria is located in. Those you do get really rainy days, but victoria is the sunniest part of canada.

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  6. ozzy


    Damn maybe I should move to victoria then? Any other positives to living in Victoria?
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  7. Broomall PA is the best city to live in..
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  8. BARLI


    i heard Victoria is nice
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  9. well the negative it doesnt have much of nite life, and a few good bars and clubs. I would say if your 22-30 live in vancouver, vancouver is pretty good if your single, but if you are like 32-40 about to settle down then its victoria. It only has one snowy day of the year, and its like a couple of centimeters, and by the afternoon it usually goes away. If your into snow, then your out of luck. It all depends where you are in life, if your about to settle down victoria, just starting vancouver. Its like new york if your young, jersey when yor are old, or seattle when your young, or bellevue when your old
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  10. LOL. I like Rydal, PA; where i live.

    I'm thinking of moving to the BC area. Five a.m. open would be a bother though.
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