Vancouver listed as the Best City in the world to live in :D

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mahram, Oct 5, 2005.

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    I like it and that's why I'm here. It's not for everyone though. I have friends who will visit but say they could never stay for long.
  2. empee


    its kind of old I think. I thought its "Hong-couver"! How can it be the best place to live? I guess it depends on ur tastes, at least ur close to blackcomb/whistler!
  3. BARLI


    i love Vancouver, BC. mahram you got muslim background?
  4. no, just your average non denomination canadian :D

  5. lol hong couver, thats more like richmond, but if your really cheap then go to mtwashington. Its a great place if you want an easy going lifestyle, and want to trade. If you like atheletic stuff or the outdoors, then vancouver is great. LOL the biggest crime happening in vancouver in the news is like some teenage kids getting in a fight :D
  6. I love living here, but when I'm older I plan on spending the winter in a warmer area. Too much rain.
  7. BARLI


    and what about kids that kill each other in Surrey?
  8. Vancouver does have some problems:

    Currently over 50 women from Vancouver were murdered during a 10 year period out in the suburb of Port Coquitlam and put through a wood chipper and fed to the hogs.

    Also the Main and Hastings area is really something. Druggies all over the place. This area was the home of most of those 50 women.
  9. and seattle, remember the guy went from seattle to vancouver and inbetween. But you have to admit the crime rate in canada is nothing compared to elsewhere in the world. LOL its a joke when you have a usual teenage brawl, and it gets onto the evening news.

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