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  1. daytraders swingtraders private club
    membership is by personal invitation only by me.

    1. name and phone number
    3 portfolio size
    4. last 3 year profit or return on capital.
    5. years of 'market' experience.

    there isn't a big trader 'community' in this city. last time only 7 guys showed up and almost no meetings at meetup.
  2. What portfolio sizes are you guys swinging?
  3. tsznecki


    @trader88a So you want people's personal details but don't show your own?

    What a joke.
  4. Vancouver Canada here and not putting any of that info out here. And looks like regular size account people or struggling traders are not welcome in your little "what are your returns" club
  5. your age, and phone number is not 'personal' information.
    it's contact information.


  6. Email is enough - age and phone number are irrelevant.
  7. wrbtrader


    I think the point he's making...
    • Will you be coughing up the same personal information ?
    Name, age, phone number, portfolio size, last 3 year profit or return on capital are part of a person's personal information.

    The fact that you state its "not" personal information is very concerning. Just as much your only mention in above response that you're asking for age & phone number when in fact you're also asking for portfolio size, last 3 year profit or return on capital.

    Simply, you're asking for personal & financial information !!!

    Further, I'm sure you can arrange meetings via email contact information. Most private clubs do it that route and then during the first in person meetups...traders than decide on their own if they will share more personal information with you after meeting other traders at the meeting.

    Email is contact information and the only thing that's needed in the beginning.

    In contrast, everything else that you requested can be used to gain access to private information considering you're using any anonymous user name.

    Seriously, people should contact you without coughing up any information other then to say they're interested. You then respond via coughing up the same info that you requested. They can then examine your information and then decide if they will share the same with you.

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    Does it include invitation to the canuck-only Halloween orgy?
  9. All clubs or groups has group or club manager or moderator that has discretion to ban members or recruit new members. and like all clubs, not everyone can just be a 'member' you have all girls clubs, etc. it's like those hobby clubs. or professional associations.

    If you are probably aware. all professions have 'memberships' like broker/dealers, or any profession. not everyone can just join with no credentials or qualifications etc.

    membership is devalued if anyone can just pay a fee with no qualification to join.
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