Vancouver BC traders unite!

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mrtwo, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. mrtwo


    I hope I am not alone here in the beautiful Vancouver!

    Now, wouldnt it be great if we could have a nice online comunity going on?

    So, if you are interested in getting in touch with local traders, maybe even participate in local events, please post on this thread. Lets get something going!

  2. I live in Nanaimo! I love Vancouver...:)

    Right now i am taking my CSC at Ashton business school, so i am in Van 2 days out of the week.

    Take care,
  3. mrtwo


    Hey Kastro,

    Nice to 'meet' you!

    Its great to hear from someone local. So, what goes on here in BC? Do you know other local traders? Do you feel like getting a community started? :)

  4. plugger


    hey kastro, what does ashton charge for the CSC course? i know the course itself is about $840, but what do they charge on top of that? how much class time do you spend on it?

    i looked on their website but they don't provide any information about those points. thanks in advance.
  5. I'm in Vancouver, BC.
  6. ccoti


    I'm in Vancouver as well
  7. mrtwo


    Awesome MorganSys!

    So, what do you trade? :)
  8. mrtwo


    Welcome to the thread!

    What do you trade ccoti?
  9. Van here
  10. mrtwo


    One more! I guess there are quite a few of us!

    What do you trade drukes1234? :)
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