Van Tharp's Peak Performance Program

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by WDGann, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. I'm re-reading through the materical and it's always refreshing and mind clearer.

    Trading is very scary. After a while, you forget what you learned and get caught up with your "trading".

    It's interesting that good times (I'm doing good right now... thanks to all) are actually times when you lose important perspective about trading. It's actually very gradual that you tend to overlook the perspective losses. The fact of my loss in perspective just makes trading interesting.

    Also, the material gave me a philosophical insight about trading. It's the fact that we are trading and living based on how we cope with change.

    The change in price, mental attributes, methodology and etc. It's not exactly in the course but recognized that one of the important characteristic of a successful trader is how much we can accept and utilize change in all levels of objectives.

    Also, we need to have a balance of persistance and change.

    Another one is that simplicity, is not about short or easy but it's about flexibility.
  2. I am just glad you finally got over that bogus gann crap..

    welcome back to reality..