Van Tharp's Definitive Guide To Position Sizing

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  1. md2324


    Just wondering if anyone may have a copy of this book ( Van Tharp's Definitive Guide To Position Sizing ) that they would like to sell for a discounted price , or better yet Lend out ? [​IMG]

    Thanks so much
  2. eganon69


    Google "... .pdf" is your friend
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  3. md2324


    will do , thank you :)
  4. Get a library card. If your local branch doesn't have the book you want, they should be able to borrow a copy from another system at little to no cost.
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  5. It's only a few years old and it's already out of print? Sounds like a winner.
  6. PM me if soft copy is good
  7. Manan



    Can you please share the soft copy at as the same os not available in india. Thanks
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